History of
Long Neck, Delaware

Long Neck is part of Indian River Hundred in Sussex County, Delaware, and is bordered by the Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Bay. The Hundred served as the center for the thriving Indian culture in the county.

Archeologists have found evidence of Indian settlements as far back as the time of Christ.

Early settlers, both white and Indian, were attracted to the Hundred by the high, well-drained land close to the Atlantic Ocean. The bays also provided abundant fish and shellfish.

In 1677, 1,000 acres of land on what was known as "the Long Neck" were patented to William Burton by Gov. Edmund Andross. Eventually, Burton and his 11 sons acquired additional land in the area.

Other families joined the Burtons in Long Neck. Some of the Burtons' descendants still occupy the home built by Woolsey Burton, one of William's sons. By the early 1900s, there were schools, churches, even a post office along the sandy Long Neck Road.

Looking toward the Atlantic Ocean and the barrier island that is Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach, you'll see that Massey's Landing is at the eastern tip of Long Neck. Massey's Landing was once one of the most isolated spots in Delaware as only sportsmen came here occasionally to hunt for duck and quail or fish and crab.

The isolation of Long Neck has rapidly declined with the construction of bridges in the 1950s and 1960s and better roads and highways in the last three decades.

Long Neck is now a thriving part of Sussex County, whose small seaside communities have become prime vacation spots because of their proximity to the water. Many of those vacation homes eventually become retirement homes.

Sussex County is also a popular home buying destination because of the low cost of living. Land values are still low compared to nearby urban and suburban communities and Sussex County property taxes are by far the lowest in Delaware and among the lowest in the United States.

Still, the services offered by the county seat, Georgetown, just 10 minutes away, are quite extensive. Georgetown is home to the state court system, most state services, federal offices, and the county's airport and industrial park.

In addition, three hospitals are within an easy drive of Long Neck, and nearby towns offer first-class art leagues, local theater groups, schools, colleges, museums and senior centers.


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