Recreational crabbing hand trap method of crabbing.

How to Eat Crabs

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how to eat crabs
  1. Snap off the two large claws at the body. Crack the claw shell with a mallet and pull the meat out from the cavity

  2. Remove the smaller walking legs on each side of the body. Some meat will be found at the end of the joints.

  3. With your thumb, remove the apron by snapping off at the joint

  4. With both hands, pull the body and top shell apart.

  5. With the body of the crab exposed, remove the face area, scrape off the gills and the fat, the yellowish mustard like substance in the center. The fat can be eaten, but the gills should not.

  6. Break the remaining part of the body in half and then break each half again exposing the chambers containing solid white crabmeat.

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